Welcome to heart of COEP Boat Club. On a sunny day on a river, it can feel relaxing, on a windy day on the sea it can be exhilarating but also a bit scary. Balancing an oar taller than you are against each other to keep a relatively narrow hard plastic shell on even keel while at the same time trying to turn it slowly in your hand while controlling your body's weight so as to slowly manoeuvre up to the catch, followed by ferociously wrenching with your whole body as the oar locks into place while simultaneously being completely synchronized with your crew bodily and mentally. These sorts of skills are not easily learned and take years of practice to perfect. Rowing at a top level is a very physically demanding sport.
In the Club, the participation in rowing is main done from Regatta. Regatta involves an event called Shell Games. Organizers teach participants for regatta. The club has 2 tub scull, 1 Coxswain Pair(wooden), 1 Coxswain (wooden), Dimond Scull, Jr. Whiff, 6 Double scull, 8 single scull, 5 pair and 2 four. The participant gets promoted for each boat. After Regatta the participants can practice on their own taking advise from organizers.
Players have great platform for exposure in Rowing at COEP Boat Club. Players from COEP Boat Club appears in MRA State Challenger Sprint, Mini Olympics Rowing, Amateur Rowing Association of East (ARAE), AIU Rowing Zonals Selection and based on their performance they proceed their journey.
The benefits apart from the general benefits of doing exercise are that it uses more muscle groups than almost any sport except swimming and replies both on strength and technical ability.

“Hitting the limits
Revealing the character
Struggling between mind and muscle
Moving Backword
Weightless in water
Swifter than wind
When we row
We row to win”.
Rowing Secretary,
Pradyumna Ghule


COEP Kayaking is one of the sports activities on COEP BoatClub that spans all year. In flat water kayaking, participants paddle a small, narrow boat called a kayak with a double-bladed paddle.
COEP Boat Club has three types of kayaks depending on the number of people paddling. The K1 is paddled by one, with extreme stability and strength. Two paddlers beautifully coordinate the K2. One is the powerhouse the other is a Stability centre. The K4 is the fastest of all, resonating with the strength of 4. COEP BoatClub has 17 old kayaks and 10 racer kayaks.
Kayak Ballet is one of the performances in the COEP Regatta. Kayak Ballet is a breathtaking performance of sleek, streamlined kayaks gliding over the water. Coordination, Speed, Stamina and Stability are the pillars of Kayak Ballet. Old Kayaks are used for this show. Also, BoatClub has racer kayaks which are lightweight and faster than old kayaks. After learning racer kayaks, students participate in state and national-level competitions. COEP Boat Club provides Olympic-class equipment; every COEPian can use this equipment. So whatever may be the motive, let it be learning a new sport, making new friends, participating in compilations or getting fit, kayaking fulfils it all! Kayaking Secretary
Darshan Lunkad, Madhur Wagle


Canoeing is an activity which involves paddling a canoe with a single-bladed paddle. In sprint canoeing, the paddler is in a standing position (lunge position). Hence, this sport tests the stability as well as power of the athlete. Just like in Kayaking, canoeing boats are also of 3 types - C1, C2, C4 where the figures 1, 2, 4 indicate the number of paddlers in a single boat.
In various competitions, canoeing races are also of 200m, 500m or 1000m.

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